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By virtue of the legislative privilege of the Government of the UAE, it empowers its ministers for passing several Ministerial Resolutions by which the synergies of its residents and the government are systematized. The Government collects these Ministerial Resolutions and publishes them in the UAE Federal Official Gazette. Communication Legal Translation Est. has been a regular subscriber to the UAE Federal Official Gazette for the last twenty years to stay well informed about the new Ministerial Resolutions. Highly regarded by the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates, Communication Legal Translation Est. is the ultimate legal translation agency that provides translation into English of UAE Ministerial Resolutions to non-Arab clients and legal firms of the UAE legal establishment. We conveniently offer the original Arabic manuscript and the English translation of UAE Ministerial Resolutions to our clienteles online at very inexpensive prices. You can effortlessly download our English Translations of UAE Ministerial Resolutions and the original Arabic UAE Ministerial Resolutions through a link emailed to you as soon as you settle the payment online.

on Appointing a Judge from the Federal Supreme Court as a member in the Supreme Arbitration Committee for the Settlement of Collective Labor Disputes
on Amending Annex No. (1) attached to Federal Law No. (22) of 2016 on the Regulation of Dangerous Animals Possession
on the Rules and Procedures for the Periodic Examination of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Users
on Issuing the Regulations of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Judicial Training Institute
on Issuing the List of the Members of the Training Committee of the Judicial Training Institute
on Issuing the List of the Judicial Studies Journal of the Judicial Training Institute
on Issuing the List of Training Programs at the Judicial Training Institute
on Issuing the Disciplinary Regulations of Trainees at the Judicial Training Institute
The United Standards of the Health Professionals licensing in the State Shall be amended as Stated in the Resolution
Establishing and Licensing Centres for Collection of Information about the Establishments Registered with the Ministry (Taq-Yeem Service Centres).
on Granting some of the Federal Tax Authority Employees the Capacity of Judicial Officers
on the Executive Regulations Implementing Federal Law No. (23) of 1999 on the Use and Development of the Living Aquatic Resources in the State of the United Arab Emirates, as amended
Amending the Ministerial Resolution No. (150) of 2001 Registering Emirates Falconers Club Association.
on the Judicial Officers Capacity of the Military Personnel of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
on Adding Specialties and Experience to the Specialties and Experience Schedule enclosed to Cabinet Resolution No. (6) of 2014 on the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No. (7) of 2012 on the Regulation of the Expertise Profession before Judicial Authorities
determining the Services that Fall under Each Category of Fees Categories Services that Provided through the Systems of the Ministry
on the Amendment of the Table of Diseases to be Reported That Annexed to the Federal Law No. 8 of 2013 on the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Epidemic Animal diseases
concerning the Declaration of "Ousha bint Husain Social Cultural Club Association"
on the Level of Medical Care to be Provided by Employers to their Employees
regarding the Amendment Announcement of the Statute of Gulf Capital - a Private Joint Stock Company
on Specifying the Hazardous, Arduous and Harmful Works Prohibited for Juveniles
regarding the Controls of Private Joint Stock Companies Executing the Provisions of the Commercial Companies Law
on Specifying the Rules and Procedures to be Followed in the Employment Licensing Departments for the Recruitment of Non-Nationals in the UAE
on Approving the Guide of the Procedures of Licensing and Registration/ Renewal/ Amendment/ sale/ Merging of the Branches of Companies Established Outside and in the Free Zones of the State
on Specifying the Regions and Areas Far from Construction as Referred to in Law No. (8) of 1980 on the Regulation of Labor Relations
amending the Regulations of the Cabinet Resolution No. (24) of 2012 Regarding the Organization of Civil Defense Services in the country Issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (505) of 2012
regarding the Declaration of Emirates Association for Management Consultants and Trainers
on the Controls, Standards and Classification of Establishments and Classification of their Employees
on Establishing and Licensing Centers for the Provision of Domestic Workers (Tadbeer Service Centers)
concerning the Amendment of the Articles of Association of Emaar Industries & Investments -a Private Joint Stock Company
On Amending Ministerial Resolution No. (695) of 2016 on Regulating Surface Fishing by Encircling Nets
concerning the Announcement of Amendment of the Articles of Association of Awtad Company -a Private Joint Stock Company
on the Formation of the Committee for Registration of Veterinary Products and their Companies
concerning the Announcement of the Amendment of the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of Shuweihat Asia Power Company - a Private Joint Stock Company
concerning the Announcement of Amendment of the Articles of Association of Arabian Power Company -a Private Joint Stock Company
concerning the Announcement of the Incorporation of Sweihan PV Co.- a Private Joint Stock Company PJSC
on Amending certain Provisions of the Ministerial Resolution on the Determination of the Rules and Procedures to be Followed at Labor Licensing Departments in relation to the Recruitment of Non-National Workers in the State
On Adding a Paragraph to the Ministerial Resolution on Fundraising Permission
concerning the Replacement of the Driving Licenses Issued by the Republic of Latvia
on the Organizational Structure of the General Secretariat of Municipalities
on Approving the Issuance of the Unified Financial System for the Public Welfare Societies
Establishing a Specialized Federal Prosecutions of Criminal Cases Settlement
concerning the Declaration of the Amendment of the Articles of Association of Al Benaa Real Estate Investment Company (PJSC)
on Determining the Institutions and Establishments where Community Service is Performed
on the Allocation of Securities to Subscribers and the Subscription Proceeds
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