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The Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai streamlines the affairs of its residents and the Emirate by issuing different circulars and legislations as it holds the legislative prerogative to do so. Additionally, the Executive Council also arranges that these circulars are constantly brought together so as to print them in the Dubai Official Gazette. Ever since its inauguration, Communication Legal Translation Est., the most trustworthy legal translation agency in the UAE, has possessed a persistent subscription to the Dubai Official Gazette to be fully aware of new circulars and legislations. Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice, Communication Legal Translation Est. provides the non-Arabic speakers from the UAE legal society with the translation into English of Dubai Circulars, may they be individuals or corporate ventures. The original Arabic facsimile and the English translation of Dubai Circulars can be procured online by our respectable clients at amazingly low prices. Our clienteles can download our English Translations of Dubai Circulars and the original Dubai Circulars without problems by way of a link emailed to them upon making the payment.

on Sub-Consultants and Sub-Contractors

Issue No:D100

Year of Issue: 2017

approving the General Organizational Structure of the Department of Finance

Issue No:360

Year of Issue: 2012

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