Communication Legal Translation Est. adheres to a strict code of ethics primarily based on customer protection in view of our corporate policy of sincere, honest and truthful relations with our clients as strategic partners. We cherish the trust of our clients as the most reliable Translation Services in Dubai and Translation Services in UAE at exceptionally affordable prices with more than 75 languages on our panel so that they get the best of quality and service.

Unlike others who charge at the rate of 200 words = 1 page, Communication Legal Translation Establishment charges its customers on the basis 250 words = 1 page thereby saving them an extra amount of 20% on all translation projects. In simple logic, If you are paying on the basis of 200 words = 1 page for a 1000 word document, you are paying the price of 5 pages but if you are paying Communication Legal Translation Est. on the basis of 250 words = 1 page, you are actually paying the price of 4 pages, thus saving the price of one page of that document.

Over a period of 19 years since our inception, we have perfected a customer friendly system where qualified professional translators and proofreaders ensure the quality of meaning, accuracy and semantic precision of each and every document. Hence, turning to CLT for translation services all across the UAE and GCC countries would probably be the best and the most cost effective decision for large volume clients.


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