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concerning the Income Tax in the Emirate of Ras Al khaimah
concerning the Control on Commercials in the Emirate of RAK for the Year 1988
allowing the Freehold in Investment Projects Approved by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah
concerning the Constructions and Development of RAK Investment Authority Projects
canceling Paragraph No. (6) of Article (1) of RAK Municipality Law
issuing the Organizational Structure of Courts Department
on Mortgage by Properties Security Located in the Investment Areas
on RAK Environment Protection and Development Authority
amending Certain Provisions of Law No. (6) concerning Regulating the Relations between Lessor and Lessee
concerning the Licensing of Hotels, Hotel Apartments and Inns in the Emirate of RAK
on Flats Ownership Law in RAK for the Year 2003
regarding the Ownership of non-nationals in the Emirate of RAK
concerning the Purposes of Freehold by Non - nationals in the Projects in RAK
issuing the Regulation of RAK Investment Authority on Establishing of Offshore Companies
on the Integration of Financial and Public Accounts Departments in one Department under the New Name of the Financial Department
concerning the Regulation of an Increase in the Tenancy Contract
concerning the Fees Related to the Law of Regulating the Relationship between the Landlords and Tenants for the Year 2006
regulating the Relationship between the Landlords and Tenants
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