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Communication Legal Translation Dubai Est. has mastered the provision of quality Translation Services as the pioneering leaders in this field since 1996. Communication Legal Translation Est. enjoys an immense reputation as a certified agency for translation services in the UAE with our translations being recognized by the Ministry of Justice , UAE and highly endorsed by all governmental departments and Foreign Embassies based in UAE.


Thousands of Satisfied Clients over 20+ Years



Translation of Legal and Personal Documents is an ability called for by the current diverse global culture and CLT has perfected the provision of certified Translation Services as the forerunners.


Banking & Finance

Banking and Financial Institutions have been the leading clients of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) since its inception as a trailblazer of certified Translation Services in UAE.


Insurance Companies

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has excelled in the art of Insurance Documents translation and has received boundless appreciation for its faultless Translation Services in Dubai.


Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Advertising Translation is a field in which Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) takes pride in maintenance of strict quality standards to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction at affordable prices.


Airlines & Aviation Companies

Our Translation Services are endorsed and appreciated by scores of outstanding airlines, tourism companies, hotels, travel agencies and tourist guides operating in the UAE.


Travel & Tourism Companies

Best recognized for our Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai, we are the leaders in Travel and Tourism Translation since 1996.


Government Bodies

We proudly enjoys the commendation and approval of leading companies and government departments for excellent, high quality English to Arabic Translation and Arabic to English Translation.


Academic/ Educational Organizations

The reputed Schools, Colleges, Training Institutions and other Educational Institutions on our list of prominent clients verify the excellence and validity of our timely Educational Materials Translation.


Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure Clubs

Our Translation Services are appreciated and admired by a number of leading tourism companies, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and tourist guides based in the UAE.


Fitness & Sports Centres

Our Translation Services stand out as the best when it comes to Sports Material Translation.


Public Relations Agencies

CLT proudly claims the credit and commendation of famous companies, corporate sector institutions, businessmen, spokespersons and government departments for reliable and certified Press Release Translation.


Management Consultants & Training Outfits

The reputed Training Institutions, Consultancy Firms and other Educational Institutions on our list of outstanding clients validate the brilliance and strength of our well-timed Training Materials Translation


Immigration Consulting Firms

Immigration Documents Translation in more than 75 languages is one of our strongest areas of expertise


Research Institutes

Our Academic Translation Service manifests excellence in our translations of Research Papers, Reference materials, Resource Materials, Articles, Books, Manuscripts, Notes and Slide Shares.


Healthcare Centres

Our adept translators can translate almost all literature related to the Health and Cosmetic Translation with continuously admirable professionalism


IT & Computer Companies

Clientele of our Computer Hardware Translation includes high profile Computer Hardware Vendors, Hardware Industries, Business Ventures in the IT Sector and IT Based Companies


Engineering Companies Electric, Mechanical & Chemical

Engineering and Consultation Translation is a talent that we have perfected with time through experience and innovation


Real Estate & Construction Companies

CLT can manage an assortment of Real Estate Translation documents that include Ownership Deeds, Architectural Plans, Affidavits, Lease and Ownership Contracts, Transfer Deeds and other legal documentation.


Oil & Gas Companies

Our Oil and Gas Translation is highly praised by eminent oil and gas facilities, oil and gas installations, oil and gas dealers, transporters, shipping companies and vendors operating throughout the UAE.


Shipping & Logistics Companies

Our Maritime Translation services include eloquent and fluent translation of Shipping and Navigation Manuals, Transportation Transactions, Shipping Route Plans, Goods Descriptions and other maritime correspondence

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