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Real Estate Institutions have been the most eminent clients of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) since it was founded as the first and foremost certified Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai in 1996. Ever since, the translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) have retained an exceptional fame for our quality Real Estate Translation thereby setting up steady standards for the merit and authority of our Translation Services in more than 75 languages. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) renders a great significance to the requirements of its clientele in a situation where opportunities for suitable property and residences are diminishing with the increase in population.

The specialists at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) can manage an assortment of Real Estate Translation documents that include Ownership Deeds, Agreements, Payment Receipts, Architectural Plans, Affidavits, Lease and Ownership Contracts, Transfer Deeds and other legal documentation. Being available throughout the UAE, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is the best solution for convenient translation projects within tough time schedules at affordable prices. We are determined to maintain an outstanding quality in our Translation Services because, for us, all our clients are strategic business partners. We are exceedingly alert and cautious in all our translations. Among the other Translation Services that we offer, Real Estate Translation stands out prominently as our foremost areas of aptitude because we are well informed of all the legal technicalities of this field. The translation of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice and our Real Estate Translation services are valued at all departments and institutions. 

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