PowerPoint Formatting

Communication Legal Translation specializes in translation and formatting of Power Point presentations in a wide range of specialties, such as management, social and economic development themes, banking, education, health, business; etc. World-famous consulting companies rely on Communication Legal Translation for three things:

  • Translation of Power Point presentations
  • Flipping according to language direction
  • Formatting of translated slides to give a mirror image of the original text.
We distinguish ourselves through:
  • Expertise: business presentations focus
  • Client base: proven track record
  • Client focus: always say "YES"
  • Professionalism: professional deliver-ables and service

Communication Legal Translation delivers professional presentations to clients of all sizes, from the world-famous consulting companies to the small-sized accounting and feasibility studies firms. Common needs we serve include:

  • Comprehensive social and economic development projects
  • Management
  • Education programs
  • Banking system restructuring
  • Labor issues
  • Government system reform
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Board meetings
Corporate Presentation Projects and Clients

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