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The field medicine and medical equipment is making headlong progress day by day as scientific and technological breakthroughs are breaking new ground in saving human lives. Man’s dream of overcoming disease and misery is being realized gradually and Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) acknowledges the efforts of researchers and manufacturers as the founder of Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai. The linguistic appeal and clarity of sense in our Medical Translation is a feature that makes Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) proud of its operations extending over the past 19 years. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is the leader in providing highly dependable Translation Services and our officially certified Medical Translation in more than 75 languages has made us the rightly deserving object of appreciation among leading Medical Industries, Medicine Firms, Equipment Manufacturers, Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Stores. The highly trained professional translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) can translate almost all literature related to Medical Translation including Research Papers, Equipment Manuals, Medical Videos, Product Profiles, Medicine Literature, Drug Information and Promotion Advertisements with constantly upheld quality. 

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is an officially endorsed and certified Translation Services offering excellence of quality translation at amazingly affordable prices. The translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) translate each Medical Translation document with immaculate care and methodic caution as the satisfaction of our clients is our main concern.

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