Scores of well-known clients look forward to use the ARABIC English French Translation services of Communication Legal Translation Est. for true and flowing translations. We also translate in more than 70 languages spoken by people across the world. Not only do we deliver this broad range of languages but also a quiet imposing panel of knowhow that includes highly technical areas such as commerce, industry, education and advertisement to satisfy your translation needs in all fields of life. If you are in another French speaking country for any reason at all, you will most decidedly need our English Arabic French Translation services in order to converse and to comprehend the local language and culture. Furthermore, you may also feel the necessity to get your personal or professional documents translated from English to French to English for vital usage. Translations conducted by our Certified French Translation experts are the finest and the promptest answers for your difficulties.

  • Translations offered by our English Arabic French Translation experts are 100% accurate in sense and linguistic constructions. We ensure that our team is well-versed with all the meanings and details of exact legal terms and convert your documents with the uppermost levels of caution to retain the real format, sense and purpose of your documents.
  • We realize the significance of your documents and allot you only the most capable and knowledgeable native translators who enjoy supreme command over the paired languages of your desire and who can translate all obtainable formats.
  • Our English French Translation specialists are strenuously trained on contemporary, high-tech equipment to observe the faultless balance while translating your documents and, with the strict quality benchmarks that we observe, our system of translating and reviewing your job makes your documents spotless and perfect.  

We enjoy the approval of the Ministry of Justice of UAE and our translations are received in all private and public workplaces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Fujairah. With an experience of more than 25 years and the aptitude to manage enormous amount of work, be confident that our English French Translation will always be delivered on time. Moreover, as a plus, we offer the lowest-in-class rates to accompany our excellent quality. Our translators are hugely imaginative and gifted to translate all kinds of documents such as affidavits, undertakings, brochures, menus and portfolios, etc. with excellence.


Why are English French Translations technically critical?

Spoken by 260 million people in around 29 nations around the world, French is considered to a global language. It is apparently similar to English but because of being used widely it has developed several variations of sense and structure in different countries. It is also an academic language taught to millions of students around the world. This fact makes English French translation really technical and something to be done by professionals only.

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