Communication Legal Translation Est. in Dubai (CLT) provides the best medical translation services to its distinguished clients from the medical profession all through the world and especially in the UAE. The clients of our acceptedly best medical translation services include renowned hospitals, doctors, medicine producers, private medical clinics and health establishments, etc. who prefer to deal with us us for the mere fact that we understand the critical nature of accuracy and clarity as far as the safety and precautionary measures of medical literature is concerned. After a well-groomed experience of twenty-five plus years in the translation business, our expert, technically aware and highly qualified translators make sure that no measure is spared to maintain the high quality, accuracy and perfection of sense in translation of documents like medical prescriptions, reports, medicine literature, brochures and studies.

  • We have been serving scores of notable clients in the UAE with the most precise and reliable medical translation of all kinds of documents and projects with 100% error- free and timely delivery of projects.
  • We are the pioneer of online and in-person translation since 1996 and offer the services of vastly capable and expert human translators with splendid linguistic correctness and command developed through years of experience and training.
  • Our expert translators use all their skills to translate a truly impressive list of documents related to Medical Translation Services while retaining our rank as the best medical translation services.

The critical nature of the exchange of medical data and information necessitates extraordinary measure of care and technical concern. The soundness, correctness and promptness of translations is valuable for both the patients and the health staff. We observe all prevalent quality standards for technically sound and fluent translations. Most importantly, we are the best medical translation services because we provide certified and authentic translations in more than 70 languages, in all possible formats and at wonderfully low prices.


What is the customer retention rate at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT)? 

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) retains 99% of its customers and a customer once served prefers to come back for translation jobs almost always. This is because our translations are 100% accurate and right according to established standards. We take pains to keep our translators trained, updated and qualified for all new and existing requirements.

Why should Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) be trusted?  As provider of professional and excellent translation service, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has built the capacity to meet tight deadlines for speedy delivery for which we have a team of excellent language experts readily available all times. We employ experts who excel in various fields and professions, study the latest developments and enhance their skills, even when they are not working, just to ensure accuracy and precision.

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