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The Serbian language, the standardized version of the Serbo-Croatian language, is spoken mainly by the Serb people in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. Moreover, it is also recognized and spoken in Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is used by about 8.7 million people around the world. With such a notable presence, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) immensely enjoys being your strategic partner for the most dependable, stylish and exact English into Serbian Translation and Serbian into English Translation. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is the stand out translation agency registering high levels of quality in our graceful Translation Services in more than 75 languages. Our Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai are commended and admired for being correct and meticulous by our honorable clientele which include high profile businesses, government departments, law firms and institutions in the corporate community.

Since 1996, our well trained team of absolutely brilliant translators has been mastering and perfecting all semantic and linguistic complexities of Serbian thereby rendering our English into Serbian Translation and Serbian into English Translation unparalleled authority. We assure spotlessly maintained quality and easily affordable prices to our customers. Our translators have always tried to raise lucidity in our English into Serbian Translation and Serbian into English Translation by addressing all tasks such as Power of Attorney Translation, Mobile Phone Manuals Translation, Press Release Translation and Marketing Translation with incredible individual alertness and caution.

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