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Persian is the modern version of Old Persian, a southwestern Iranian language from the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. It is largely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and some other regions where Persian influence had historically been exerted. About 110 million people in the world speak this language. As the primary Translation Services in UAE and the most articulate Translation Services in Dubai, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has been rendering top class English into Persian Translation and Persian into English Translation to its clients for almost 19 years thus emerging as the most authentically recognized Translation Services within this region. The gifted team of assiduous translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) exercise great caution in translating each single project relating to English into Persian Translation and Persian into English Translation that may include Banking Translation, Building & Construction Translation, Civil Engineering Translation, Company Profile Translation, Product Profile Translation, Computer Software Translation, etc.

Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is an experienced translation agency committed to the production of correct and sophisticated Translation Services in more than 75 languages with absolutely strict quality measures and practically affordable prices. Our notable clients include the most reputed Engineering Firms, Construction Companies, Business Ventures, Consultants and Corporate Institutions. As a matter of fact, English into Persian Translation and Persian into English Translation is a faculty that we have championed through experience and creativity. In addition, our mission to excel has supported our ambition of becoming the most marvelous Translation Services around.

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