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Hungarian, spoken by approximately 13 million native speakers, is the official language of Hungary and one of the official languages of the European Union. Like Finnish and Estonian, it belongs to the Uralic family of languages. It is also spoken by Hungarian people residing in the neighboring countries of Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine. Hungarian diaspora has established communities in other parts of the world as well. Consequently, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), a prominent Translation Services office since 1996, has focused on English to Hungarian Translation and Hungarian to English Translation in more than 75 languages as its chief expertise. Being the pioneers in Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai, the translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. command an outstanding capability at creating accurate, precise and beautiful English to Hungarian Translation and Hungarian to English Translation so as to serve our clients meticulously. The reputed Corporate Institutions, Organizations, Companies, Consultancy Firms and other Agencies on our panel of esteemed clients verify the vividness and potency of our well-timed English to Hungarian Translation and Hungarian to English Translation. For English to Hungarian Translation and Hungarian to English Translation, our translators assure high levels of quality in structure, semantics and eloquence. Hence, projects like Human Resource Materials Translation, Women’s Rights Translation, Immigration Documents Translation, Industrial Translation, etc. are not only executed brilliantly but also retain their linguistic value. Our Translation Services at unbelievably affordable rates all across the UAE seek the exclusive approval of our clients as our strategic partners and we are assessed as marvelous translators at all government and private offices in the UAE.

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