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UAE is the ultimate business destination of choice around the world and Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has been supporting and assisting grand business establishments here since 1996. Celebrated companies, business ventures, corporate institutions and consultancy agencies all over the UAE approve and seek the exceptional English into Dari Translation and Dari into English Translation offered by Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) in more than 75 languages. Dari is a variant of the Persian language. It is generally spoken in parts of Afghanistan. Dari is the term officially recognized for the Persian language. Hence, it is also known as Afghan Persian in the Western world. It is spoken by some twelve to thirteen million people. Accordingly, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is committed to provide you the most exquisite, explicit and elegant English into Dari Translation and Dari into English Translation in which our immaculately professional team of translators has hands on experience and expertise to handle all projects most satisfactorily. Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is singularly adept in producing classy Translation Services recognized and appreciated by all public and private institutions in the region. Our Translation Services in the UAE and Translation Services in Dubai are duly accredited for Automotive Manual Translation, Banking Translation, Building & Construction Translation, Civil Engineering Translation, Company Profile Translation, Product Profile Translation, etc. thereby making us the specialists in factually the smartest and the most trustworthy English into Dari Translation and Dari into English Translation. The high quality of our Translation Services and the easily affordable prices make us your automatic translation choice.

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