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Bokmål is the language of Norway. It is an official writing form for the Norwegian language along with Nynorsk. It is the favored written standard of Norwegian for 85–90% of the people in Norway. It is a language significant for business and private affairs and Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has been a convincing source of English to Bokmal Translation and Bokmal to English Translation since it was established in 1996. Our Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai are highly acclaimed in this commercially prosperous business capital of the world. Our expert team of accomplished translato rs can provide you brilliant English to Bokmal Translation and Bokmal to English Translation in the most apposite and fulfilling fashion. Our English to Bokmal Translation and Bokmal to English Translations are welcomed by business entities and foreign offices across the UAE. Not only are our expert qualified translators well prepared to manage translations in time but also ensure precision for better grasp and exactitude.

Our clients in the legal community include reputed Law Firms, Lawyers, Insurance Firms and Agencies, etc. Our masterly Translation Services in more than 75 languages include a large variety of areas such as Translation of Laws, Product Profile Translation, Civil Engineering translation, Building and Construction translation, etc. at conveniently affordable prices. We endeavor at keeping up secure strategic relations with our customers and hence ensure satisfactory completion of all our translation tasks as per your desires.

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