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Being the most experienced purveyor of Translation Services in UAE and Translation Services in Dubai, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has resolved to uphold high standard markers in providing its clients with superb, accurate and highly trustworthy English to Bengali Translation and Bengali to English Translation since 1996. We acknowledge the fact that languages are transformed on day to day basis and our Translation Services concentrate on keeping pace with the changing requirements and complexities of English to Bengali Translation and Bengali to English Translation.

The Bengali language is spoken by the natives of Bangladesh and the Indian states West Bengal, Tripura and southern Assam. Bengali is the most spoken language in Bangladesh and second most spoken language in India. With almost 250 million native and approximately 300 million total speakers throughout the world, it is the seventh most spoken language in the world by total number of native speakers and the eleventh most spoken language by total number of speakers.

With almost 19 years of experience, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is determined to produce accurate and beautiful translations every time we take up a project for the entire satisfaction of the clientele of our English to Bengali Translation and Bengali to English Translation which includes prestigious Product Vendors, Industries, Business Ventures and Companies. Our authentic Translation Services include Legal translations, translation of laws, Banking Translations, Accounting Translations, etc. in more than 75 languages at affordable prices.

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