Communication Legal Translation Est. is certainly the leading and most efficient United Arab Emirates Translation Agency. If you are searching for a reliable United Arab Emirates Translation Agency, you will get perfect quality, dependable and certified translations only at Communication Legal Translation Est. because we pioneered translations in UAE about quarter of a century ago. Enriched with experience, all our translations are taken up by highly professional human translators and edited by people even more expert in this field. All documents are translated per your format and other requirements and will accompany a translation certificate of accuracy upon request.

  • Our United Arab Emirates Translation Agency operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. We are approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice and our translations are accepted at all governmental, public and private establishments in the UAE.
  • We translate in required languages flawlessly and maintain fantastic quality standards. Consequently, our services are sought by many reputed firms, companies and individual customers frequently.
  • We keep an experienced team of skilled translators who can translate fluently and precisely in more than 70 languages.

We offer the most economical rates in the translation industry. Our inflexible quality measures ensure that your final documents are delivered at the highest quality level. For that matter, a number of people communicate in many languages but cannot be termed as professional translators. Our professional translators not only exercise comprehensive knowledge of the source and target languages as per your requirement but are also endowed with exceptional writing skills backed by certified training in translation. The native translators of our United Arab Emirates Translation Agency are always the most learned and gifted in the target language that you wish for. Our time-tested linguists are consciously selected for your needs based on their professional education and specific experience, with their proven competency being our primary concern.

Our translations are 100% correct because only human translators assisted by modern-day computer tools are chosen to join our establishment. We guarantee pristine quality for documents of all kinds: Agreements, certificates, legal documents, brochures, presentations, manuals, etc.


If the original text is not well composed or has errors, will the translations have the same issue?

Not at all. However, if you request us clearly to translate the text as it is, we will make sure that errors are removed in the translated versions. Your translations will be well-composed, fluent and free of grammatical or linguistic errors even if the original copy has errors. As a matter of fact, we always communicate flaws in the original text so that they may be removed by you. If the text is completely incomprehensible, we always seek guidance from our customers to bring about clarity into it, though the process of translation may take a little longer.

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