The broad range of highly specialized professional areas and our sheer command over more than 72 internationally spoken languages afford Communication Legal Translation Est. the dignity and honor of being the most hired, the most trusted and the most efficient Translation Services not only in the UAE but also in countless other countries across the world. Located in Dubai but also fully operative in other cities such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Fujairah, our Translation Services are availed by innumerable eminent patrons such as Businesses, Corporate Firms, Law Firms, Agencies, Industrial Establishments and sole entrepreneurs because since our establishment in the 90s, our Translation Services are known and recognized for offering grammatically accurate and linguistically flawless online and walk-in translations conducted by professionally sound and experienced translation experts. Resultantly, all the government and private offices throughout the UAE trust our expertise and readily accept all our translations without any hassle. We assign all our projects to only the most qualified and the most efficient human translators having ultimate command over their task to provide you top notch translations with no errors at all. Our unique selling points are:

  • Our well- coordinated and highly organized system focuses on the client alone and returns all your documents speedily meeting strict timelines.
  • Our translators take immense pains to incorporate all your language and format related instructions to the final deliverables.
  • Our translations of critical, sensitive and technical documents are approved by the Ministry of Justice UAE for the unsurpassable quality that we bring to all our Translation Services.

Taking pride in the services of dedicated champions of translation, we can translate all current file formats with complete proficiency and can also provide your certificates for the accuracy of our projects if requested. Our native translators can facilitate you with accurate sense, connotation and can translate your documents to meet their purpose effectively. We select each translator with the purpose of meeting the qualification and experience as per the requirement of your documents. For this reason:

  • Our professional translators are extremely adept at bringing forth correct terminology and technical finesses, as well as, taking care of cultural implications and acceptability.

The 100% accuracy of our projects is a trait that appears prominently in all our projects of all sorts of documents such as legal decisions and proceedings, business documents and agreements, academic and personal certificates etc. at the most affordable prices.   


Does Communication Legal Translation Est. employ in-house translators only?

Communication Legal Translation Est. has an in-house team of expert, qualified and experienced translators to conduct translations relating to all fields of life and spreading over almost all internationally spoken languages. However, in certain cases of unique nature, we also have a panel of online experts throughout the world waiting for our call to conduct your challenging translations.

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