Trusted by millions of reputed clients everywhere in the world, Communication Legal Translation Est. has earned a name for its most reliable and efficient Translation Services Dubai. Set up in the 90s, our Translation Services Dubai cater to the translation requirements of notable clients such as high profile Business Enterprises, Corporate Establishments and Firms, Legal Sector, Agents, Production Houses and professionals not only in Dubai but also in cities such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Fujairah with grammatically perfect and linguistically immaculate online and walk-in translation services. Our Translation Services Dubai offer professionally sound translations which are instantly accepted and relied upon in all the government and private offices all through the UAE because:   

  • For our Translation Services Dubai, we hire only the best and expert most human translators having total command in more than 70 languages to provide you high rated translations in an extend range of specialized areas with zero error.
  • We maintain an immensely competent and highly disciplined system of functionality to dish back all your documents in the speediest time-frame and employ meticulous care in incorporating all your language and format related requirements.
  • Our translations of highly professional, sensitive and critical documents are approved by the Ministry of Justice UAE and there isn’t any translation around that can boast to have achieved the ultimate quality that we instill in all our Translation Services Dubai.

Being proud of the expert services of dedicated masters of countless languages, we can furnish all known file formats with unparalleled proficiency that matches the league of our Translation Services Dubai. Consequently, the extraordinary know-how of our native translators enables us to serve you with complete accuracy of sense, connotation and objective. This is all the fruit of choosing our translators with high degree of selectiveness so that they are accordingly qualified and experienced to meet nature and requirement of your documents. For this reason:

  • Our translations are certified for accuracy and perfection, if desired.
  • As our professional translators are extremely cautious about correct terminology and technicality, they are also well aware of cultural implications and validity.

The 100% accuracy of our projects is a requisite that we promise to maintain in all our projects whether large or small and in all sorts of documents such as legal certificates, business communications, agreements, affidavits, etc. at the most attractive prices anywhere in the field making our Translation Services Dubai ideal for your trust.   


How does Communication Legal Translation Est. deal with cultural implications in translations?

The expert translators of Communication Legal Translation Est. are generally native and well exposed to culture of the language of their expertise. In addition, our three- step process of checking and editing also ensures that all cultural disparities of sense and meaning are properly addressed.

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