Supported by an experience of 25 plus years Communication Legal Translation Est. has surpassed all others in the business to register as the most relied upon Translation Office in Dubai. At our Translation Office in Dubai you will enjoy the satisfaction of premium quality translations conducted by professional human translators who are outright experts in more than 70 languages and offer you the most impressive range of specialties anywhere in the UAE. With a sound and highly organized system of work management already in place, we deliver all your documents withing the stipulated time and take all measures to follow all your style and formatting instructions. Our dedicated masters of language can manage all existing formats with the same expertise that is so characteristic of our Translation Office in Dubai. Therefore, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, no other translation office can claim to achieve the quality standards that we do in all our translation services. Our translations are approved by the Ministry of Justice UAE and accepted at all official and private establishments offices institutions set-ups concerns in the UAE.

  • The outstanding skills of our native translators give them the ability to transform your documents with guaranteed accuracy of sense, meaning and intention. While our experts take extreme caution about specific terminology and technicality, they also give due consideration to cultural acceptation and authenticity.
  • Our esteemed clients such as established Business Ventures, Companies, Law Offices, Advertisement Agencies and our individual customers always prefer to come back to us with immense satisfaction not only because our translations are consistent but also because we offer the most affordable in-league prices.
  • Right at the outset, we choose our project team with extreme caution and make sure that they suitably qualified and experienced to tackle your translation according to its nature and requirement. That is why the translations delivered by our Translation Office in Dubai are certified for flawlessness and precision if desired.

The 100% accuracy that we are able to deliver in our Translation Office in Dubai is a specialty that is difficult to find anywhere else in the translation industry. And, to add to it, we retain it in all big and small orders of documents of every kind such as death certificates, business agreements, financial reports, researches, etc. This is because of the in-depth knowledge of both the source and target languages possessed by our translation experts. They are not only proficient translators but also individuals with great creativity and writing skills. So, we are the most suitable Translation Office in Dubai for you.   


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