For the complete solution of all your translation projects, the best Translation Company in Dubai is Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT). We are the most reputable and trustworthy translation Company in Dubai since 1995. We provide flawless and fluent translations of all varieties of documents in more than 70 languages. The professionals of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) offer accurate translations of an extensive range of documents including those coming from Business Institutions, Companies, Legal Sector, Financial Sector and other industries. In short, whatsoever you might need to get translated will probably be on our extraordinary list of expertise. The remarkably reasonable prices, simplicity of procedures and right-on-time provision of first-rate translations are features enough to make us the prime Translation Company in Dubai.

  • Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has outclassed all others in the field of translation because our translations are sanctioned and acknowledged at all governmental and professional offices in Dubai, the UAE and the entire world.
  • We only engage abundantly practiced and vastly qualified human translators to take up semantically faultless, flowing and amazingly precise translations to preserve our eminence as the top- class Translation Company in Dubai.
  • The translation specialists of our Translation Company in Dubai take a lot of pride in gaining the complete contentment of our clienteles in every translation assignment by enriching it their near-native language command, translation experience and constant training.

We continuously optimize our services and skills to sharpen up our knowledge base and our translators have to learn new competencies as a part of their job all the time. This helps us retaining the cultural context and true sense of all that we translate. Since our patrons, which comprise famous organizations, agencies, legal bureaus, business endeavors and distinguished professionals, are our first and foremost priority, may it be online translations or walk-in assignments, we ascertain our substance as the paramount Translation Company in Dubai.


Is it possible for Communication Legal Translation Est. to retain the original format of the documents in the translated versions?

Our expert human translators guarantee and assure that the original layout and format of your documents is retained in all available file formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, InDesign, editable PDFs, Web and others, etc.). Upon request, we can work on the actual document, if editable, by overwriting the content without altering the formatting style. For non-editable files, however, we can use modern imaging devices to retain the original format.

Are the translations offered by communication Legal Est. certified?

Yes, we conduct certified translations and a certificate of attestation to the fact that our translations are conducted by highly professional translators with native language skills can be furnished upon request. Moreover, our legally correct translations are accepted at all government and legal establishments throughout the UAE.

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