Communication Legal Translation Est. is proud to bring you completely trustworthy and fast Power of Attorney Translation Service as its celebrated expertise. The Power of Attorney Translation Service we offer gives you the best value, certified translations that only expert human translators conduct exclusively in accordance with your requirements. Only the most professional and legally proficient reviewers check and edit them for accuracy. All documents are translated in the format as required by the prevalent law. An approved translation certificate of accuracy may also be supplied upon demand.

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A power of attorney is a legal document that provides a person the power to act legally on behalf of another person. The person who is empowered with authority is the agent or attorney-in-fact while the person giving away his powers is the referred to as the principal. The agent can have booth a broad or limited legal authority to take decisions in relation to the principal’s finances, property, or medical care, etc. For your Power of Attorney translations, our qualified translators not only have vast legal understanding but also comprehensive authority over both the source and target languages. We pledge that your translations are linguistically articulate and legally proper in the deliverable version with 100% precision because our human translators are also aided by purpose-built IT tools.


Why would someone get a power of attorney translated?

Sometimes, a power of attorney needs to be translated for local and international use. For example, if a person intends to start or expand business in another country and cannot be physically present there, the power of attorney issued needs to be translated into the relevant language so that the agent is empowered to conduct the business on behalf of the principal. This translation is to inform the local government for legitimacy and credibility.

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