Depend on Communication Legal Translation Est. for quick and dependable Legal Translation Services. When you request Legal Translation Services from us, you will get maximum quality, certified translations. All our translations are executed by expert human translators and are reread by a different reviewer. All documents are supplied in the same style and page layout as the main documents. You may also obtain an endorsed translation certificate of exactness if required.

  • We are the real connoisseurs at Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm Al-Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. We are approved by the Ministry of Justice UAE and our translations are recognized at all official and private offices in the UAE.
  • We change your documents into other languages faultlessly and at outstanding translation quality levels. For this reason, our services have been used by numerous well-known law firms, institutions and individuals continuously.
  • We depend on our reputable team of specialist legal translators that are able to translate in more than 70 languages. We have achieved the utmost expertise in the field of translation by polishing our skills during the twenty- five years of our translation experience and skill building.

Our expert language specialists are sensibly selected for your Legal Translation Services orders depending on their expertise and professional experience, and based on their aptness for your legal document translation. We offer the cheapest prices in the translation industry. Our rigorous quality norms make sure that your documents are translated at the premium quality. A great many people speak other languages but do not have the skills of professional translators. Our professional translators not only exercise an exhaustive knowledge of both the source and target languages, but are also people with brilliant writing capabilities with appropriate training in translation. Our native translators for your Legal Translation Services are always the most conversant and practiced in the target language. They guarantee that your translations are fluent and appropriate in the final version.

The Legal Translation Services that we extend are 100% precise because only human translators assisted by state-of-the-art tools are utilized in our work progression. We supply high standard Legal Translation Services of all types: certificates, affidavits, law translations, court decisions, etc.


How does Communication Legal Translation Est. ensure equal accuracy in both the target and the source languages?

Communication Legal Translation Est. has a team of language experts and translation specialists that enjoys complete command over more than 70 languages. The translations are made by native or near native proficient and qualified translators. They are edited by experts of both target and source language to remove errors and then they are proof read by target language experts for fluency and appropriateness. This ensures accuracy of both the source and target languages.

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