Constituted in the 90s, Communication Legal Translation Est. has become the best Legal Translation Company in Dubai providing the most reliable and officially certified Legal Translation Services with unmatchable quality because:

  • All our legal translations, whether online or walk-in, are conducted by highly proficient human translators and we can transform all your legal documents into other languages immaculately and at exceptional translation quality levels.
  • Taking great pains to polish our skills during the twenty- five years of our translation experience and professional journey, we have established a trustworthy team of high-quality legal translation experts can translate your legal documents in more than 70 languages.
  • All our translations are reviewed by language experts and we always deliver the same format, style and page layout as the main documents. We also provide an endorsed translation certificate of precision if requested.
  • Having been praised and revisited by our eminent clients regularly, our Legal Translation Company in Dubai has been able to extend its services in Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah as well.
  • We are approved by the Ministry of Justice UAE and our translations are recognized and accepted at all legal and private establishments in the UAE.

The expert language specialists of our Legal Translation Company in Dubai are judiciously selected for your legal translation projects depending on their expertise, qualification and experience, as required by the nature of your legal documents. Because we offer premium quality and the cheapest prices in the translation industry, our services are consistently availed by numerous eminent law firms, legal institutions and professionals. The professional translators of our Legal Translation Company in Dubai not only possess a comprehensive command over both the source and target languages, but also enjoy brilliant creative capabilities with professional training in translation. Our native translators for the translation of your legal documents such as Agreements, Memoranda of Association, Court Decisions and Legal Certificates are the most conversant and experienced not only in the target language but also in the understanding of legal formatting and other requirements of acceptability to assure that your translations are reliable and true in the final version with 100% accuracy. Our Legal Translation Company in Dubai employs only human translators assisted by the most modern IT tools optimally utilized in our established work system.


For how long do the quotes of Communication Legal Translation Est. remain valid?

Communication Legal Translation Est. takes pride in serving its customers through our time-tested and continuously dependable translation services. Since, we consider our clients to be our strategic partners in business, we ensure that prices, which are already the most affordable, remain fixed for the facility of our clients. Hence, our quotes always remain valid and always honor the quotes once agreed upon.

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