Certified Translation with 100% accuracy

Certified Translation with 100% accuracy

Communication Legal Translation Est. in Dubai is the most reliable and professionally sound translation agency that offers certified translations with 100% accuracy and precision. Certified translations are technically translated official documents which must be certified to authenticate the completeness and accuracy of the translations. In view of their critical nature and requirement, the expert human translators at the company exercise their complete professional competence to produce exact and fluent word-to-word translations for your important documents concerning the fields of Insurance Companies, Marketing Agencies, Aviation Industry, Government Bodies, etc. without affecting the technical requirements, sense and relevance with unnecessary omissions or additions.

  • We employ a team of hundreds of spirited professional translators comprising of most technical, learned, creative, determined, and service-driven experts in the business.
  • We work tirelessly for providing our customers the world’s most crucial and predominant language solutions with innovation and customization for a worldwide business.
  • We realize the value of time and our objective is to ensure maximum quality of translation projects in the shortest period of time.

Our translation professionals are highly qualified and certified in more than 70 languages to meet the legal requirements of this task and our certified translations services are accepted and acknowledged at all government offices, courts and law offices throughout the Arab world in general and UAE in particular. We offer a wide range of services related to highly specialized areas and facilitate our customers by accepting and delivering almost all prevalent formats such as documents, presentations, videos, audios, etc.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are the leading and most preferred destination for certified translations in Dubai and UAE relied on by innumerable businesses and individuals because of our consistently high quality, timely and extremely affordable certified translations services.

As a translation agency, we offer and ascertain a diverse panel of professional translation services to match your business vision or individual needs thereby facilitating you as your caring partners in all your translation requirements.


What languages can Communication Legal Translation Est. translate?

The practiced and qualified translators of CLT can translate more than 75 languages with near-native linguistic quality and high degree of technical awareness. When we say that we operate across the world, we actually mean it because our operations and language expertise stretch across all the continents on the globe including Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and even far-off places like remote islands. Visit our website (www.communicationdubai.com) to have a look at the list of languages we offer. You are bound to find the one you require.

What is localization of translated documents?

Localization is the art of transforming translation formats according to another audience, country, culture or part of the globe. It significantly involves cultural knowledge, command over local idiomatic usage and connotations.

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