The Birth Certificate Translation services of Communication Legal Translation Est. are the best and most relied upon in UAE since 1996 because of the precision and accuracy with which our legally adept and technically expert team of human translators take up these highly sensitive assignments. We never fail to satisfy our customers with the most dependable and 100% accurate Birth Certificate Translation services. Possessing the approval of the UAE Ministry of Justice, our Birth Certificate Translation services are accepted at all departments and establishments in UAE.  

  • We can translate your birth certificates in more than 70 languages with native perfection, a reason for which our services are rendered by popular Lawyers, Banks, Financial Institutions, Courts, Government Offices, and individual all over the world.
  • Since a birth certificate translated by a certified and approved translation agency is as good as the original one, we make sure that your birth certificates fulfill all legal requirements and formalities to be instantly accepted.
  • Our unique collaboration of human translators and modern technology gives authenticity to our translations and to make them a true representative of our esteemed clients.

The importance of birth certificate translation services cannot be denied because a birth certificate establishes your identity, age, nationality, domicile, parenthood, inheritance, etc. Whether you are applying for a job, signing off a business deal, getting married or applying for immigration, your birth certificate stands out as your primary evidence to your personal data. It is required almost everywhere. Therefore, our certified and widely accepted Birth Certificate Translation services in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah are admired and appreciated by eminent clients. We observe great caution and exercise rich legal knowledge and experience to preserve the legal standing of your birth certificates for admissibility with the help of knowledgeable and expert human translators.  

The translation professionals are highly qualified to furnish your requirements in this highly critical task and our Birth Certificate Translation services are the quickest that can be hired on such low prices.


Why is the birth certificate translation of Communication Legal Translation Est. credible?

Communication Legal Translation Est. is a highly experienced translation company working in Dubai, UAE and the rest of the Arab World for the last 25 years. We are well acquainted with legal formalities and procedures used in UAE in particular and the Arab world in general. Our translators keep abreast of latest laws, prerequisites of admissibility and processes continuously. This is why we are credible.

What can be the errors in Birth Certificate Translations?

There can be two types of errors. First, those related to text such as spelling errors, numeric errors wrong translations, etc. Second, those related to required format and admissibility pre-requisites. We are extremely careful to producer error-free translations especially when it comes to translating birth certificates.

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