July to October 2015 TRANSLATION PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING Volume 3, Issue 5

Laws Update

laws update

To keep you abreast of the latest laws while they are in the making, we bring you highlights of laws that have not yet been finalized based on newspaper clippings. For latest updates... Click Here

Translation of the Tables of Content of Arab Official Gazettes

Against an online annual subscription, you will regularly receive via email the English translation of the table of contents of Arab Official Gazettes. This will keep the English-speaking legal community updated on new Arab laws. Search for laws and translation thereof is also provided upon request. Subscribe Now

official gazettes

Legal Search Service

We created a database containing a summary of all published judgments issued by the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi and Court of Cassation of Dubai. This database is updated regularly. This allows us to locate within a short time judgments relevant to almost any legal matter considered by any of the two courts above.

CLT Code of Ethics

Communication Legal Translation Est. adheres to a strict code of ethics primarily based on customer protection in view of our corporate policy of sincere, honest and truthful relations with our clients as strategic partners. Click Here

Press Release

Dubai -Tuesday- 03 November 2015


The Dubai-based Communication Legal Translation Establishment (CLT) is pleased to announce the launch of its new, highly enhanced translation services website,, to facilitate translation services for clients worldwide. For more details… click here

Dubai -Thursday- 18 December 2014

Communication Legal Translation Wins Outstanding Translation Services Excellence Award At the 6th GCC Smart Government and Cities Portals Conference

Communication Legal Translation (CLT) has co-sponsored and participated in the activities of the 6th GCC Smart Government and Cities Portals Conference. Organized by Datamarix, the two-day conference zeroed in on the issues surrounding the implementation of smart government programs in GCC countries. For more details… click here

Laws Online Translation Online Our Advantages

We offer online English translation of the laws of GCC countries and selected laws of other Arab countries. You can search: By catagory By topic By year of issue To check… click here

This service enables you to place the orders of your translation requirements online. For more details… click here

Coupled with translation service we also offer topnotch IT & E-Marketing services like Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Social Media Marketing - SMM, Email Marketing Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Content Management System - CMS and Domain & Hosting Services to our loyal customers. For more details… click here

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