TRANSLATION COMPANY IN UAE Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is the finest and the most experienced Translation Company in UAE for the comprehensive completion of all your translation tasks. Being the most dependable and proficient translation Company in UAE since mid-nineties, we are known for providing error-free and authentic translations of an assortment of professional and personal documents in 70 plus languages. The highly qualified translation team of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) is pleased to offer you fluent and linguistically flawless translations of an all-encompassing array of documents including: • Academic Certificates, transcripts and diplomas, Studies and Research • Legal Translation including Birth, Marriage and divorce certificates, affidavits • Business Translation • Literary Translation • Media Content, News and Articles Translation • Medical Translation • Memorandum of Association Translation • Police clearance certificate Translation • Power of Attorney Translation • Technical and Engineering Translation • Transcript Translation • Websites Translation • Financial Translation Our reasonably affordable prices, customer friendly procedures and on-time delivery of state-of-the-art translations make Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) the ultimate Translation Company in UAE. Our certified translations are praised and accredited all over the UAE in prominent legal and professional offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and the whole world. We appoint only vastly trained and immensely qualified human translators for producing correct, fluent, exact and amazingly beautiful translations to maintain our reputation as the best Translation Company in UAE. The translation whizzes of our Translation Company in UAE make it a matter of pride when they strive to gain the thorough pleasure of our patrons in all our translation obligations. Since our clients, who include well-known organizations, institutions, law firms, business companies and renowned professionals, are at the top of our list of priorities, we make sure to retain our position as the top Translation Company in UAE in both our online and in-person translations.

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