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Rewarding our esteemed customers and serving them with quality professionalism have always been the core principles behind all business goals of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT). In more than two decades of professionalism, Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) has always strived to go the extra mile in strengthening and nurturing the relationship with illustrious clients into a long lasting and satisfying experience. The CLT Loyalty Club of Communication Legal Translation Est. bore clear evidence to this commitment and its launch partially substantiated the pledge to ensure customer satisfaction, first and foremost, in all business objectives. However, the thirst for better is never quenched and, thinking like the customers, the management of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) began to assess the CLT Loyalty Club for improvements, and began thinking of ways to reward CLT loyal customers. Thinking from the customer’s perspective, it was discovered that two things in the CLT Loyalty Club need to be improved. First, the clients had to undergo an undesired annoyance of counting and keeping track of Loyalty Points before being rewarded. Second, there was a minimum purchase benchmark that denied low spending customers the satisfaction of being rewarded. After considering these bottlenecks, the management of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), the most dependable and professional translation agency in Dubai and UAE, finally came up with a better, more rewarding CLT Loyalty Club Program to fulfill its promise of a mutually advantageous relationship with its clientele.


This improved and more rewarding CLT Loyalty Club has been crafted to address both the bottlenecks mentioned above. Now CLT’s loyal customers get instantly rewarded through 5% Cashback Vouchers on every purchase of services that they make at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT). These Cashback Vouchers are valid for a 5% rebate on the very next purchase of any of the CLT’s highly professional services. Furthermore, the valuable customers now do not have to undergo the inconvenient practice of computing or keeping a record of the Loyalty Points they have earned to get rewarded. Every time the customer makes a purchase of any of the numerous services of Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), he/she would automatically be eligible for 5% redemption on his/her very next purchase. The Loyalty Points earned by a cash customer will earn an instant 5% rebate on the very next purchase while the 5% Cashback Vouchers offered to credit customers is emailed to them for redemption upon the next purchase of any of CLT services. Loyalty Points or the value of purchase are no longer restricting factors. To make it absolutely easy for low spending loyal customers to benefit from this program, we removed the minimum value restriction. If you are loyal customer, CLT Loyalty Club will always reward you, no matter how less you spend.


To add the topping to the cake, the process of becoming CLT Loyalty Club member has now been simplified further. The esteemed customers now do not have to go through the cumbersome process of registering themselves. No registration is required.


Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT), a leading translation agency providing highly professional, accurate and trustworthy translation services to a distinguished clientele offering a highly specialized panel of more than 53 services in more than 70 languages. It stands firmly committed to serve, honour and reward its customers through the improved CLT Loyalty Club Program. The highly trained, proficient and efficient translators at Communication Legal Translation Est. (CLT) are committed to provide you quality services and the management makes sure that you get rewarded as strategic partners each time you avail these services.