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Communication Legal Translation

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Excellence has an address للتميّز عنوان   Communication Legal Translation (CLT) provides timely, accurate and cost-effective translation to a large variety of clientele: Law firms, advertising agencies, financial institutions, tourism and hospitality companies, academic and…


What Customers Look For

WHAT CUSTOMERS LOOK FOR!  The Magi was the name given to three kings, also referred to as the “three wise men” who visited the infant Jesus and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh….

Quality is destiny

Quality is destiny!

Language is basically the art of transforming thoughts and ideas into words. The quality of language, therefore, depends on the exactness, accuracy and descriptive value with which it presents an idea. It then becomes the…


Working on the working relationship

One of the core strategic business objectives of a translation firm or agency is to work on establishing a good, mutually beneficial working relationship with the clients. Everything from registering a corporate presence to delivering…

Meeting The Growing Challenges!

Meeting The Growing Challenges!

Continuous growth and development of services, skills, aptitude and expertise should be one of the major business objectives of a growing organization. New knowledge and skills can be the most effective assets of an organization…