Reading to Understand and Remember

communication legal translation
communication legal translation
Objective: Read faster and retain more
First: Before Reading:
1.      Decide on purpose: Why are you reading? What do you want to achieve?
–          Factual information
–          Details
–          Evidence
–          An overview
–          Interpretation
2.      Select text:
–          Content, topics, issues
–          Objective of text
–          Text level
–          Author’s position on issues
Second: Reading:
1.      Prediction: Read title and anticipate topic, issues, questions
–          It may create interest in reading
–          It prepares you for reading
–          It suggests how relevant topic is
2.      Skimming
–          Gives you the main idea of topic. This involves reading:
–          Summary
–          Conclusion
3.         Scanning
–          Gives you specific details on the topic. This involves reading:
–          Headings
–          Sub-headings
–          Signaled points (numbered, bulleted points)
–          Captioned pictures
–          First sentence of each paragraph
–          Conclusion
–          Look for keywords
4.         Detailed Reading
–             Go back to the first paragraph and read the first sentence. This represents the main idea of that paragraph
–             Check how the author explains and support the main idea
–             Ask yourself why the writer is saying what he is saying
–             Predict what the author will say in the rest of the text
–             Repeat this process in other paragraphs
Third: Post-reading:
Take notes
–            List the main ideas
–            Organize main ideas according to importance or chronological sequence
–            Maintain logical relation between main ideas for better retention