Quality is never an accident

Quality is never an accidentQuality is never an accident

The quality of the translation is absolutely critical for any client with a translation project. Especially in the corporate sector where documents like product profiles, portfolios and user manuals actually determine the success of the product, quality becomes a critical issue. Moreover, all advertisement campaigns depend largely on the information transferred to the customers or consumers through documents like these. The translation, and the quality thereof, must match the quality of the product that is being launched into the market. If the quality of the translation is inferior, the product will automatically be assumed to be of a low quality as well. Thus, in a way, translation shapes consumer perception for better or for worse. A bad translation will almost always have a negative impact on consumer perception as it would create a communication gap. When specific details are left out or misrepresented, the resulting ambiguity and confusion make the customer doubtful about the product. Consequently, the quality of translation determines the fate of the product.

John Ruskin once remarked, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” This intelligent effort consists in the continuous plugging up of the gaps in the system. Quality is usually earned through a will to improve with available experience, to acquire ample skills each passing day and to watch out critically over your own work. One of the most experienced and quality conscious firms in the UAE is Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) which enjoys a rich and meticulous experience of more than 20 years in the field of quality translations. The firm has consistently earned the praises of its customers for upholding high standards of quality working as the strategic partner over the years.