Meeting The Growing Challenges!

Meeting The Growing Challenges!Meeting The Growing Challenges!

Continuous growth and development of services, skills, aptitude and expertise should be one of the major business objectives of a growing organization. New knowledge and skills can be the most effective assets of an organization in the competitive corporate environment. Larry Bird said, “A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Translation skills can be attained through training and experience. Every time a translator learns something new and applies it, it gets converted into a skill.

Language is an ever changing, vibrant and dynamic phenomenon. Language, as they are spoken by people who move about a lot and interact with other social groups, transform with each step of the diaspora as regards both time and space. During this process of constant evolution, pronunciation is modified, new words are coined or innovated, old words assume new connotations, and morphology takes its toll. Linguistic change varies in its speed, but no matter how fast or slowly a language changes, the distance between the “mother tongue” and its modified offspring increases with a more prominent difference. With longer stretches of time, the two of them may not be even identical. However, written word or text exists even after ages either in the form of books, manuscripts or in the form of proverbial spoken language. To tackle such projects, where the old and the new come to clash, is the most challenging task for a professional translator. And, the answer to the problem is a progressive attitude and a ready-to-learn mind.

Talking of a progressive translation agency, the one I can think of is Communication Legal Translation Est. ( Based in Dubai, the organization caters translation services of all sorts of documents, both general and specialized, all across the region and the best thing about them is the progressive mindset of the management and the translators. Continuous skill development is high on the list of priorities and the in-house training program corresponds brilliantly to this strategy. This allows the translators to tackle the day-to-day semantic changes in the most effective and efficient way thereby ensuring high customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the agency has also benefitted in the sense that is enriched by a substantial bank of knowledge, skills and experience in the form of its employees.