Machines are just machines


The other day my son was playing chess on the computer when I happened to be around. It was a computer based chess game and, without a lot of difficulty, he won the game. Being excited at his victory, he gave a loud roar of triumph and said, “Machines are just machines!” It was this remark in particular that made me remember, among other things, a similar thing said by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. He had said, “The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and, therefore, intelligence.” It also reminded me all the trouble that clients go through after getting something translated by a machine and the main reason in such cases is the absence of a human being.


We keep asking ourselves the question over and over again; Are machine translations dependable? Some people go for machine translations because they are cheaper compared to human translations. Others select this option to save time and effort. However, none of the former or the latter are ever satisfied with the results. As far as translation goes, famous writer Anthony Burgess once said, “Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” And, the human culture is something that a machine can never understand nor be concerned about, nor be able to deliver its sense which usually takes ages to develop. So, my answer to the question would be a very loud “No, machines translations are not dependable!” Human culture is the sum total of everything that human existence entails during a given period of time. The chemistry behind the creation and evolution of a language includes a universe of factors such as ‘Where have the speakers come from?’, ‘Where are they currently living?’, ‘What are their traditions?’, ‘How do they prefer to live, eat, dress, pray, communicate…?’, ‘What are their beliefs?’ and…..well, a hoard of other petty details. It includes a complete history that enriches that language and lends its vocabulary new meaning and its linguistic structures new sense. All this is a dynamic process with which a machine, a mechanical process run by a software, can never come to grips. That is one reason why machine translations can never replace human translations.


Humans are intelligent to cultural changes and can foresee the resultant changes in individuals. They are dynamically aware of how people would respond to semantic changes and what sense or meaning is currently being drawn out of a particular expression in a particular culture. The human elements also facilitate the process of decision making which means that a machine would be unable to pick the suitable word or expression which best express the meaning whereas a human translator would do that in fittest possible manner.


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