The significance of advertisement has skyrocketed by dividends in the modern age. Advertisement has captured and inspired the modern global community more than it has ever done in the past. Advertising has become a power tool for defining and redefining public opinion, individual attitudes and community behavior. The inhabitants of a global village have an interesting and alternating relationship with advertisements which fluctuates around their love and hatred. Globalization is a phenomenon that has always been linked with advertising. Globalization advocates a diverse but universal culture that transcends geographical divisions and barriers. Likewise, advertisements nowadays tend to address a global audience with an almost universal message. Both advertisements and globalization are akin in the sense that they aspire to modify the manner in which human beings relate to each other and create an increased sense of connection among people living in different parts of the world. They are both the offsprings of a whirlwind of telecommunication advancement and rapid scientific development in the field of transportation. They both result in an increased international trade and, in turn, a massive cultural exchange.


Globalization has in fact influenced the manner in which advertisers create their advertisements to reach out to a target audience that has a different cultural background and a different language. Advertisements in the modern globalized world require accurate translation of the message into a target language. This is not an easy job because it involves a complete command over the target lexicon, idiomatic and semantic knowledge, grammatical structures and the cultural context of both the languages. It also involves the very critical task of total comprehension of meaning, both implied and explicit, and the transformation of the same meaning into the target language in proper vocabulary. The cultural context and the delivery of proper sense are considerations that make translation a significant function of advertisement as it helps in getting the right message across to a certain group of people.


It is in this way that translation has played its role in proper advertisement of products that are extended across the globe. Translation helps the advertisers to cross the barriers of language and culture. With the help of translation, advertisers have been able to create the right linguistic and visual effects in their advertisement overcoming the risk of shock and displeasure. At times getting the right linguistic and visual effects becomes very tricky. A very powerful message adapted for a new target audience may not match the visuals created by the advertiser. The result would be disastrous in the sense that the potential of both the visual and the linguistic message would be tampered. In short, a good translation facilitates a good creative idea.


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