Amatuer translators! Bulls in the china shop

Imagine how ridiculous it would be if you called a hunter to fix your car or a cowboy to do interior designing with your office. I am sure that the results would be a total disaster with the person not knowing how to do it properly. It is a fact that a chaotic confusion arises whenever two people find it difficult to communicate with each other or find it difficult to understand the task that they up to. Considering all this, it becomes increasingly difficult to comprehend how a large number of people allow amateur translators to translate their important documents or even websites. Naturally, the results are devastating and frustrating for the clients as not only do they have to go through the process all over again and pay for it, they also have to pay additionally for getting their projects corrected. Mind you, quality will never be as good as when you assign your translation job to a professional translator in the first place. It is a sheer catastrophe; an utter waste of time and effort. It is absolutely imperative for anyone with a sane mind to look for a professional, a translator who is qualified, talented, trained and experienced. Once a professional translator has been found, the prices can be negotiated and the deadlines for the project can be established. In a really fair deal, the translator and the client would develop a mutually agreed trust and the translator, for the reason of professional ethics and his reputation, would try to live up to it by delivering high quality translation. This is how a good relationship is usually built.