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One of the core strategic business objectives of a translation firm or agency is to work on establishing a good, mutually beneficial working relationship with the clients. Everything from registering a corporate presence to delivering good service remains highly dependent on the sole element of customer satisfaction. All critical paths lead to the single destination of providing the customer with all that is worth his money….and even more! Customer relations usually begin with awareness. It is critical how a firm or agency receives its clients and presents itself. First impressions have lasting effects as far as mutual trust is concerned. The modus operandi comes second. If the process of reaching an agreement as regards prices and deadlines is smooth, welcoming and convenient, clients feel comfortable and come back readily over and over again.

Firms or agencies that operate on a difficult procedure or render themselves inaccessible usually fail because no one wants to go through a hassle and still be charged money for it! Next is adherence to the agreement. If quality translations are delivered in a timely fashion, not only will the customer always return with more project but will also convince others to utilize the services. I heard somebody say the television that word of mouth advertisement is the best advertisement. Hence, building a strategic partnership based on mutual trust always goes a long way in increasing your business. One of the firms that cherish customer relations as their prime business objective is Communication Legal Est. ( Based in Dubai, the firm enjoys great customer relations with translation clients all across the Arab World, in particular, and the globe, in general.

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