What makes a good translatorWhat makes a good translator

The mere knowledge of foreign languages is not the only ingredient that makes a good translator. Translation is an extremely rewarding job but the skills required to produce great translations need to nurtured for years. The aptitude levels of various individuals can vary over time yet it requires so other qualities as well to ensure dependable and lasting translation skills. Not everyone can become a good translator because not many people care for the following qualities that make a good translator stand out in the crowd: 



Languages can vary almost on daily basis as new vocabulary, structures and expressions are added to them on regular basis by the native speakers. A good translator must keen to keep on learning new expressions, idiomatic usage and modified versions. This calls for serious professional research about any updates in the relevant languages. A natural passion about one’s job obviously helps in keeping the learning momentum going.  



Being good as a professional obviously requires a sound specialized education in linguistics. A person unaware of the basic science of a language cannot be a good translator no matter how good he can speak. Besides education, experience of working at quality translation projects adds the icing to cake. In addition to this, it is added advantage if the translator is a native speaker or has frequent interaction with native speakers. This makes him culturally aware about the semantics and connotations of the slang words, regional usage and cultural differences in the sense of expressions.   



Exactness and accuracy are of utmost importance in the art of translation. Translations are conducted for an accurate transfer of sense and information. A good translator must preserve both the sense and the spirit of a text by maintaining high levels of clarity of expression. Avoiding the use of complex structures and ambiguous words can contribute to the beauty of one’s translation. 



Being able to manage one’s workload within the stipulated timeframe is a quality that characterizes a translation professional. This requires a lot of self discipline and time management skills. One must always remember that it is the reputation that makes a hero. Setting the priorities right can be the first step towards acquiring these skills. 


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