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 The Magi was the name given to three kings, also referred to as the “three wise men” who visited the infant Jesus and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. It is folklore that they had a great knowledge of stars and people all over the world admired them as masters of astrology. All these three had great spiritual and symbolic value. It is said that the gold was a symbol of kingship, the frankincense was a symbol of spiritual excellence and the myrrh was that of death. The tradition carried on and in literature the Magi are symbolic of people who brought just the right gift for everyone. They were so wise that they knew exactly what each and every person needed. In other words, they were masters at the art of pleasing everyone.

It is indeed very difficult, almost impossible, for us to please everybody and to know what everyone wants. Especially in the services sector, the expectations of customers vary a great deal and there is no end to how good one wants to feel when one has paid for something to be done. Sky is the limit when one comes to fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of others. Besides, one cannot please everyone all the time. After all, there are no Magi in the current world. So, the million dollar question for the services industry is “What do customers want?”

 Well, having founded translation services in Dubai, operating all through the UAE and GCC countries for more than twenty years and having learned a great deal about the industry, Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) is better placed than anyone else in the business to answer this question. The company operates on four basic principles of customer satisfaction:

  1. Quality of services: It is significant for business that the quality of translation matches the expectations and the aspirations of the customer and is at par with the quality of product that he is selling or launching. If translation lacks the required detail or necessary information, or if the translation is of poor quality, the customer’s business may suffer irreparable loss. There can be no compensation either on the part of the customer or on the part of the translation services for such a loss owing to professional negligence. Hence, at Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com), quality control is achieved through proofreading to insure that translation measures up to client’s expectation.
  2. The consistency of service: Things have become highly specialized in the modern world. Naturally, nowadays an expert of literature would find it difficult to understand the complexities of the medical or engineering fields. Yet, translation agencies are bombarded with highly technical and specialized materials everyday. There is no other way to address this situation but to build an ability for specialized professional translation otherwise the quality of translation would suffer and the services would not be consistent. The consistency of translation is critical for customer satisfaction. Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) has a highly specialized, experienced and qualified team of translators providing translation services in more than 53 highly specialized areas.
  3. Customer Service: Customer service department in any organization is a specialized team that constantly monitors customer trends and measures their response after they have availed the services. A proactive customer services team would ensure valuable feedback from customers regarding their experience with the translation agency. After in-depth analyses of the feedback, the team would come up with ideas, solutions and suggestions to improve weak areas. Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) has established a highly professional and responsive customer service team that monitors customer feedback and provides solutions that will help our team of professional translators to always meet customer’s expectations.
  4. Multitasking: Provision of additional services, in fact as many as possible, under one roof goes a long way with customer satisfaction. Services such as translation of PowerPoint presentations, Macintosh Formatting and Bilingual Formatting all at the same place makes it easier and more convenient for customers to get their work done. Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) is the wisest choice if someone wants to get a huge, multiple-language project translated with accuracy and exactness. Even when a more creative translation service is required, Communication Legal Est. (https://communicationdubai.com) stands out as the perfect destination.

Apart from getting their money’s worth in getting a translation job done, customers also look for quality of work, consistency of multiple services, corrective measures for their feedback complaints and multitasking. It is the gift of the Magi that customers are satisfied with.

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