Globalization is a phenomenon that has defied all physical barriers, borders and geographical divisions. It has in fact created a cross-cultural interaction that has given rise to a global culture that draws its common grounds from a diversity of cultures. The prime reason for this has been a rapid and unchecked advancement in telecommunications, media and transportation services. Fields like IT have diminished the hindrances of time and space.  As a result of this development, millions of people are now travelling to other countries and resettling there for employment or business activities. However, there has always been a clash of cultures and a language barrier to get over before one can properly reap the fruits of globalization. This is where the translation industry has stepped in to bridge the gaps and facilitate a smooth flow of the journey of globalization.


The first and foremost requirement of a person crossing boundaries for employment and business is proper documentation of important personal papers such as educational testimonials, degrees, experience letters, job certificates, identification papers and travel documents. All these documents may only be available in a language that is not understood in the destination of one’s desire. Authentic and reliable translation of these documents is a pre-requisite to board the wings of globalization.


Furthermore, to start a new life in a new place properly, a person must be aware of the indigenous laws, rules and regulations may it be for the purpose of education, business or employment. The laws may be written in a language that is not understood properly by the person concerned. A specialized translation of these laws becomes imperative in such cases to get a head start on one’s activities.


Translation has also facilitated work functions in a highly globalized and diverse working place. Employees need to communicate with each other on specialized forms, reports and official correspondence papers. A trustworthy and correct translation can help get the proper message through and establishes a dependable system of office correspondence in culturally and linguistically diverse workplace.


In view of the foregoing, the translation industry has in fact facilitated and nurtured the process of globalization, thereby removing the impediments likely to occur in a culturally diverse world. It has acted like a catalyst as far as inter-cultural communication is concerned. Life can never function properly without a good understanding and flow of information. Good translations create a connected and unified world that takes pride in a perfect communication system.


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