Experienced and qualified translators seldom commit serious errors in their work and their translations are mostly free of errors. They take special pains to localize their translations by continuously gaining knowledge about the current usage of various languages. They also observe special care that the sense of their translation is as close to the native sense as possible. However, novice translators who are not serious about their profession may sometime ignore updating themselves or may rely on sources that are not reliable. Likewise, translators that are not certified or qualified enough may also mistranslate important documents. Little do they realize that translation errors, humorous as they may be, usually have serious consequences. These consequences may produce legal complication or may even result in hurting someone. The following may be the impacts of errors in translation:



A translation error in a legal document such as an agreement means that the conditions and the terms that had been agreed in actual may have been changed. It may not be the same as the one that had been signed upon. In such a case the translator has unknowingly and out of ignorance minimized its benefit and has made it legally useless.



An error of translation in an academic document such as a resource sheet or a research paper makes the study invalid and may misguide scientists and students thereby creating serious complications in the transfer of knowledge and correct information.



Translation errors in a medical report or the brochure of a medical product may result in delivering a wrong picture of the patient’s health or wrong administration of the product. The patient may go through serious medical complications as a result.



If there are translation errors in immigration paperwork, a person may be denied what he legally deserves and may even be deported.



Errors of translation in a technology document such as a machine manual or a product diagram may cause a malfunction of serious nature.

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