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Companies and clients looking for translation services go through a great dilemma trying to work out whether to hire a specialized translation agency or a freelance translator. It has been observed that some clients prefer to hire a freelance translator every time they want a translation project completed whereas others prefer to get their translation done by a professional, certified translation agency. There are yet some others who first hire a freelance translator and then get the translation quality checked by a professional agency. But the million dollar question is “Which approach is right? Freelance or Professional Agency or…..both?”

 The first type of clients, those who hire freelance translators for each separate translation job, usually suffer the most because of the lack of consistency of quality each time a freelancer is hired. As there are no quality standards for separate translations and no systematic method to ensure the same, the freelancer usually goes unchecked and the client earns a bad name apart from paying for the job. Moreover, the client has to invest more and more time and effort to look for the right freelancer each time service is required. Different individuals have different aptitudes, skills and experience and this makes it increasingly difficult to come up with the right choice for the desired results. As Cathy Emma said: “Professionalism is not genetic. I wish it were, but unfortunately it isn’t.”

The second type of clients, those who hire a professional translation agency, probably enjoy the most. This is because every authentic and certified professional agency already has an established system of quality assurance. Each job is checked again and again by professionals who are highly skilled, qualified and experienced. And, the translation agency has its reputation to look after, otherwise it won’t get any more business. Good translation agencies usually have a carefully selected and trained team already in place to tackle all projects. The more the interaction between the agency and the client, the better the results! Furthermore, the client is saved a lot of time and effort at reasonable competitive rates. Famous journalist Frank Tyger once said, “Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it and doing it!”

The third type of customers, those who hire a freelancer to complete their translation job and then get it quality checked by a professional agency, are really out of this world kind of people. They get the quality they want but have to pay in double and invest double the time and effort that they would hiring just the professional agency. So, when it comes to translation, a wise client would rather go directly to a professional translation agency.

When it comes to professional translation, Communication Legal Translation Est. ( is a Dubai based certified translation agency whose translators ensure high quality standards of their translation projects continuously under the guidance of a visionary leadership. All the translators at CLT are highly qualified, well trained and experienced. With more than 20 years of rich, hands on experience in this field, Communication Legal Translation Est. was the first to initiate Translation Services in the UAE and Translation Services in Dubai at surprisingly affordable rates. The agency offers more than 53 services in more than 70 languages with amazing quality consistency and a time saving process.

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