Common Errors in Translation

The technical nature of translation requires the translators to have their basic skills on their tips. A dependable translator always displays a complete command over language in terms of phraseology, syntax and etymology of words. An effective translation delivers the true sense of words and phrases both literally and contextually. Nevertheless, novice translators have to make a lot of effort to translate words and phrases correctly because they are still not experienced and may still be unaware of the basic rules and skills required for translation. Young translators are usually impulsive and over-confident. The technical errors novice translators are likely to commit are as follows:



The commonest error that translators commit is word to word translation of a given script. Most of the times, it is essential for the translator to capture the true essence and spirit of the original script by interpreting it rather than translating it verbatim. As the grammatical rules, idiomatic usage and syntax of the original script and the target are different, the translator must try to get to the real meaning of the text before translating it.



Another common error is exaggeration which results from an extra rather unnecessary effort on the part of an inexperienced translator. In trying to prove their worth, translators overdo with the meaning and sense of the text. As a good professional, it is pertinent to avoid exaggeration in terms of bombastic vocabulary or complex structures.



Using words in the wrong context is also a common error among translators. Sometimes a word cannot be translated at all because of its cultural context. Trying to translate religious, cultural and technical terminology or jargon is a major cause for creating bad and confusing translations.



Translators who are poor communicators neglect the significance of efficient communication. Sometimes they cannot comprehend the requirements of the client because they do not ask for clarification of gray areas in the text. A liaison with the client for the sake of better translations can be vital for a translator.



Styling and formatting go a long way in bringing out the real sense of a text. Translators usually make the mistake of translating a script without actually studying its style, formatting and connotations. Hence, they fail to capture the essence of the script.


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